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My name is Demaep and I am a Necromancer.

I was born in the Neriak Commons. My mother was a dancer, but I never knew her, since she died giving birth to me. My father was a merchant and I saw little of him when I was growing up, as he was always travelling for business.

One day when I was twelve, I was trying to raise some money by killing rodents. An older Dark Elf was passing by and he overheard me muttering to myself: "What a shame that dead creatures cannot be of any use, aside from meager loot". He asked me to sit down and told me that I couldn't be more wrong - in fact, the Dead are our best allies, and the Art of Necromancy allows to bring them back to fight for us. I was intrigued by the prospect and asked him to teach me the ways of Necromancer.

From that point on, I've found a new home in the Neriak 3rd Gate, within the Necromancer Guild. A lot was to be learned and I was progressing rapidly, until my 16th birthday, when the time came for me to pass my Initiate test. The guildmaster told me that there is a suspicion of a rogue merchant who deals with the Halfling Leatherfoots, selling them food, water and even spells from our Cleric guild. My task was to put an end to these illegal dealings.

Many days and nights I've laid in ambush in the Neriak forest, using my Superior Camouflage to remain undetected to the cursed halflings. Finally, my patience paid off, but I wished it hadn't, because to my horror, I've found out that the traitor was my father.

Later that night I've confronted him and he tried to brush off his dealings by explaining that business comes first, that the money halflings pay us puts the food on the table. I tried to talk about the Innoruuk's will, about the young Dark Elves who get killed by the Leatherfoots daily, but he just smiled and said that I'll understand when I grow up. When he fell asleep, I did my duty by stealing his Life Essence and ending his traitorous ways.

In the morning, I've brought the container with father's Life Essence to my Guildmaster. He said that I did a good job and became a true Necromancer. Yet, he saw that I was uneasy about losing companionship of my father, so he offered to modify my Summoning spell. From that day on, spirit of my father lives on in every Skeletal Pet I summon. In a way, Innoruuk's wisdom have found the perfect solution - if he couldn't serve us in Life, he serves us in Death.

I have found my piece of mind, but many in Neriak did not approve of what I've done and I often saw threatening glances when I walk along the streets of the Neriak Commons. Because of that, I've taken my spells and decided to travel Norrath, spreading the word of Prince of Hate and using my necromantic arts to help living creatures reach the glorious goal of all life: Death.

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