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EverQuest is the first RPG game I ever played. I got into it by accident: in the past few years I've met several people who were into RPGs. What made them different from anybody else is that they always had interesting stories to tell. While some people would talk about having a BBQ or walking a dog, the RPG gamers had long, exciting sagas of sailing to new lands, fighting monsters, joining guilds and dealing with "player killers".

In December 2003 I got bored and went online to look for some more RPG stories to read. I saw that Everquest is the game that has the most sites about it in Google Directory, so I looked it up. It looked rather exciting, plus the original package could be bought for only $5 at Amazon, so I decided to give it a shot.

My first few tries to play were a mixed blessing. For example, I've read that the game has merchants: I expected to see something like a real shop, with items on the shelves. Instead, there were simply identical computer characters (NPCs) standing around and you had to click on them to find out what they sell.
In addition, it wasn't quite clear where to go, and what to do, even after reading a newbie guide.
To top it off, every NPC would respond by "what would you like your tombstone to say" when I clicked on it - which grew tired quickly and seemed quite inappropriate, since they were supposed to be friendly.

However, I stuck with it and read more FAQs. I learned that 'tombstone' is merely an indicator that NPC is much stronger than me. I found out that you had to click and then press H to 'hail' a NPC, and then you could talk to it.

Sometimes interface still frustrated me - for example it seemed quite archaic that I had to type out entire keywords when talking to NPCs - instead of simply clicking on them, like one would do on a web site.

Nevetheless, the game became more exciting and addictive as time went. After trying Human Wizard and Iksar Necromancer, I've settled on a Halfling Druid character. The gameplay is getting more and more enticing as time goes.

My name is Maeppon.
I am a Halfling Druid.
These are my stories.

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