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Everquest 2 - Haunted House quest walkthrough

Everquest II - Haunted House quest walkthrough

Go to the bank in West Freeport and buy a ticket from the goblin. Click the door to the right from him.

Kill the three rats in the first room - they are one level higher than you, but 2-3 arrows down, so you should be ok.

Right click on the butler's skeleton in the room, it will tell you to look for a note. Read the note, it will say to clean up the room.

Go around the room and click on everything that glows. Once you are done, butler will disappear.

Smash the boards in the doorway to get to the next room. Note - 2 people reported that they didn't see the boards, so there may be a bug.

Go to the right and right click Lord Halcovian's skeleton. The note will say that you need to tip the butler, dance with wife and spend time with children.

Go downstairs and kill few mobs. In the room with Lady Halcovian, examine note on the floor, the door (behind the rug) and the bowl of food. Go upstairs, the blue cube that was blocking your way should be gone now. Kill the spiders.

Go to the ledge left from stairs, at the end of ledge there's a cubby door. Click on it and kill big rat behind it. Open the door again and examine skeleton on the floor, he has the key.

Return to the basement and open the door. Two kids are there, one will be released when you approach her. Pick up coin from the table and approach second kid to release him.

Return to the previous room and greet Lady Halcovian, she will tell you that you need to be more polite. Right click on her and "/dance", then "/curtsey", then "/bow". Keep doing it in this order, may take 20+ tries.

Once she is released, go back upstairs. In the room with Lord Halcovian, there's a tip cup on the table, examine it to drop the coin there. This will release Halcovian.

Go upstairs and use candle to burn the spider web. Kill the 2 small spiders and a big one.

Go to the attic and examine book on the floor. This will spawn zombies. Run to safer place and pull zombies one at a time. After each kill examine the little obelisk next to the book. Obelisk triggers the "Warn Undead" spell.
Note - if you have some kind of Hide skill, then last step can be done easier - just stay hidden near obelisk and keep examining it till all zombies are dead.

Eventually the house will be cleansed and you will be done!

On unrelated note, here's the tip for Trick or Treat quest - ignore the counts that goblin tells you, just run around and ask as many NPCs as you can for candy. I've visited almost all of them within 10 minute period and got 62 points (50 points are needed). The prize for this quest is a cat mask or goblin mask. When you put it on, make sure your /showhood setting is on.
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