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Everquest 2 - 2006 Prophet (World Event) Quests

Everquest 2 - 2006 Prophet (World Event) Quests

There is a total of 4 prophet quests. If you are good, speak to a herald at Qeynos Harbor docks to get some introductory info. If you are evil, your herald is at East Freeport docks.

For the good side, your quests are for Prophet of Valor (Marr) and Prophet of Tranqulity (Quellious). The NPCs are easily accessible, which cannot be said for the evil quests.

  • Prophet of Valor quest.
    Your contact is standing in Commonlands, right outside Graveyard zone in. Conveniently, the militia guard at the gate is non-hostile, so you're safe there. The quests include running around the Graveyard, looking for a tomb and a sepulcher.

    If you are low level, invisibility won't hurt. One of the quests involved delivering a note to a dervish camp in Commonlands. Another allows you to demonstrate your respect for life by sweeping beetles off the bridge in CL, without killing any. Finally, you have to sacrifice yourself - that was a bit unsettling, since I didn't know what happens next. Fortunately, the blessing of Mithaniel Marr was with me, I got resurrected and rewarded. This is the easiest quest of all 4.

  • Prophet of Tranquility quest.
    Your contact is an Ashen Order monk named Senei, who is chilling at Zek docks. He wants you to free 5 monks that Deathfist Orcs have taken prisoner. The tricky part is that you are not supposed to kill any orcs in process. You are given a choice of several pacifist spells (mez, orc illusion, shield, etc). Then you are ported to a DFC instance.

    All the prisoners are on the lower level, so don't bother trying to climb the rope to courtyard. If you have a self-invisibility spell, it really helps - most orcs cannot see invisibility. Few of them do, so I had to use the special spells to get around them. I ran past the first one with orc illusion. I fooled the second with Feign Death. At this point I ended up in an area with with 4 jail cells. A see-invis orc is patrolling at the end of corridor. I watched the aggro (you can tell if you're an aggro range when target's name becomes visible and bright) and walked past him to the room at the end of corridor.

    A wounded monk was there, I freed him, but got jumped by orcs and died. When I re-entered the instance, I was surprised to find out that the counter of rescued monks did not get reset - so, I only had 4 left.

    The remaining monks are in locked cells, but there's a lever to unlock them - it's on the right side, close to the orc patrol route. I was able to open it and free all the monks, but then patrolling orc aggroed me. At this point quest updated, the goal was to get to the zone out. I used up my remaining skills, but died in process.

    This is where it got a bit silly - I zoned in again, with the objective of finding the exit... which was right next to me! I zoned out and got my reward - Tranquility Fountain, which can be placed in house and gives ~600 Power boost.

If you are evil, you can get your kicks by hanging with the Prophet of War (Zek) and Prophet of Fear (Cazic Thule).
  • Prophet of War quest.
    The NPC is near Deathfist Citadel, you can see him from afar because he has the 'I have quest' thingie glowing over his head. His location is not very well picked though, since roaming orcs pass through his camp. I was able to talk to him by standing at the safe distance, from behind his tent.

    As you may have expected from Rallos Zek, this quest was all about killing. I got ported to the DFC Arena instance, where I had to meet opponents of increasing strength. I was playing my 33 brigand and the toughest enemy was 34 (no arrows).

    I have re-arranged my hotkeys for better soloing (usually I fight in groups) - when enemy approached me, I'd use ranged attack, then Stun him, run behind, and do as many backstabs as I could get away with. Once he turned, I'd use Ruse to do some heavy damage. Then I'd do HO and discharge my front attack spells. Then, if he wasn't dead yet, I'd stun him again. This worked for every opponent.

    At this point the Prophet of War thanked me for my dedication and presented me with a Gong of War, which could also be placed in apartment and gives 7.5% haste. Then I ported out, straight into the waiting arms of a roaming lvl 37 orc, who dispatched me as if I was a noob, and not a fearsome Arena Champion.

  • Prophet of Fear quest.
    This quest is the longest, due to travel distance and amount of items you have to collect. The Prophet of Fear is located in Cave of Fear, which is just north of Cazic Thule temple (go right from the temple steps and keep to the wall till you see the entrance).

    There are some nasty KOS mobs on the way, so watch the aggro on the way. Once you get to the cave, all the mobs inside are merely apprehensive.

    Talk to the Prophet of Fear and he asks you to collect Soul Shreds. He gives you a special trinket which steals a soul from a targetted (green or stronger) enemy and dooms him to eternal suffering. Interestingly, the process does not aggro the mob. You can tell when enemy was already soul-shredded, because he'll have an eery blue glow over him.

    With that cheery mission, I looked for my first victim and was pleased to find out that the Fear Minions themselves are valid targets for soul shredding. After I was through with the cave, I've collected 30 shreds out of 100 required.

    At this point I ventured outside and got promptly killed by Thule creations. I got ported back to docks and proceeded to collect souls from less dangerous inhabitants of Feerrott. Eventually, I got my quota and tried to get to the temple via Death Port. I kept dying in different parts of the zone, hoping to revive at the CT, but every time was returned to docks.

    Finally, I got tired and took the long way. Once in the eastern part of the zone, I got killed again, but luckily got revived at the temple. I went back to visit my Prophet buddy and he presented me with a skull which gives me some effect, which kind of looks like a poison proc. Unfortunately, it does not appear to stack with the effect from Gong of War. Oh well.

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