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I recently reached level 14 of my Druid skills - and that means I've got exciting new spells. So far, the most fun one has been 'Befriend Animal'. It allows me to charm an animal to become my pet and fight for me.

I've had a blast with it: first I've went to the hut of Rusbek the Unhospitable and charmed one of his guard wolves to attack its owner. Unfortunately, my pet was soon killed and the other wolf chased me. I decided not to kill it, since I was told that killing wolves is not a good idea for a druid, so I ran back to Rivervale.

Once in Rivervale, I've charmed a rodent and made it fight other rats. Few of my buddies assembled around and we had a little rat fight tournament. My pet rat has performed admirably, killing three opponents in a row!

Then it was time for bigger and better things. I've joined up with 2 other people and we went to outer Misty Thicker to fight orcs. I've charmed a Young Kodiak bear and had one heck of a time, sitting and meditating, while my trusty bear was wiping out the Orc Menace.

Too bad that not all creatures can be charmed: the spell doesn't work on spiders and insects. This makes it harder to find a strong pet, since most strong creatures in Outer Misty are in those categories, for example giant spiders and yellowjacket wasps.

We also ventured into Clan Runnyeye caves. One of us needed some battle experience, so he was fighting, while two remaining group members were sitting around, meditating and healing our buddy.

Once we all got tired, me and my guild leader Zkish went back to Rivervale for some fishing. I told him that pirahna teeth can be used in a quest, so he dived into the water with his pet tiger, for a fish hunt. I sat on a shore with my fishing pole, pulling out some fish scales and rusty daggers, while watching him swim around and slay pirahnas. Then he came out and said that he found a small pouch with a ruby in it at the bottom of the pond. That made me grind my teeth - I've had similar pouch earlier that day, but I didn't bother to look inside it and couldn't sell it, so I got rid of it. Looks like I have another swim in my future - that ruby will be mine!

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